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      hi all,

      I want to know what you guys will think of this course, its tagged career enabler for the field of info security. I was thinking it will be a good course for a beginner in the field of security with no IT experience at all.

      To give a little detail of my computer knowledge, i used to be a student of computer science in the university long time ago b4 i could no longer afford after 3 years and cut out. apart from that, i have done some personal studies, read many books and watched some video trainings. in short, i am OK, i cannot say good, but ok with linux, basic knowledge anyway, been using computers for so many years and good on windows, OK on linux with basic commands(i have a linux server which i manage myself). networking… not that oriented but can setup my own small network. i understand html, php(not advanced like in oop) but i can make some scripts., know basics of javascript as well,m looked into perl and python b4 and liked them, but no time to really persuade this things coz of my limited time.

      So with as little as i know, i want to know if this course will be a good start for someone like me. and i will also like to know if it is worth the price.

      here is the link. Please give me your review.

      thanks a million.

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      Hi viruz,

      Well it’s hard to say really, because at glancing the link 12k is a lot of money.  What I generally got from looking at it is that it offers ALOT, I mean years worth of experience and training in a short amount of time..

      I mean, Network+, Security+, CCNA, Microsoft, Check Point.. That is a heck of alot of ground to cover.  I can’t review, because I haven’t attended, I’m assuming you’re over seas from the US given the link. To be honest with you, I would do a self evaluation from any tests you can find from each of these certifications and take it from there.

      I think self training for the CCNA or MCSE(or the like), would be best as they are the main career launchers IMHO, then concentrate on security or whatever else you like from thre.  Personally just my CCNA studies taught me more than the Network+ and Security+ together, so they may look good on a resume, but won’t neccessarily launch a carreer.

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      thanks MindOverMatter,

      you have really helped alot and given a great insight, yes i am outside of the USA. i will look into it and reconsider. thanks alot.

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      Hello everyone! My name is Dima, I have “naovertime” already 14 years of experience in IT, 8 of which – preaching directly DevOps and mainly involved in projects, one way or another tied to the active use of methodology and “toolset”.

      Having worked in the industry for many years, I can say with confidence that DevOps is not a profession, it is an approach to work and life in general. If you want to become a DevOps engineer simply because it’s popular, your chances of becoming a PRO are not very good. You will certainly not enjoy the work in full. Worse, your colleagues and manager will certainly not be, or will be, but not for long 🙂 So at first it doesn’t hurt to figure out what is behind this concept, what kind of tasks DevOps engineers work with. Anyone who needs it will think about such a turn in professional life and where to start this path. The main thing is not to be lazy. Today there are many thematic websites where you can read and understand

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