can you hack into a Pebble smartwatch?

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      Hi everybody!

      I’m new to this forum so I apologize for any mistakes in my post. I did a search about Pebble and I could not find anything so I though I might post question.
      Like many of you, I own a smartwatch, the original Kickstarter pebble watch. It’s been working great until now.
      I use is everyday for messages and notification.
      The question I have is: How easy is it for someone with a bluetooth sniffer to hack into my watch and read all my incoming messages?
      Did anyone here try to hack the Pebble watch?
      How strong is their encryption for bluetooth communication?

      If not, then how do you recommend testing the bluetooth connection for flaws?


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      So I guess there is nobody here that ever hacked a smartwatch?
      Where else do you guys recommend to post this question?

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      Don Donzal

      This is the correct place. Just unfortunately no replies.

      Maybe as you continue your search and experiments, you can share it here.

      Much appreciated,

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      Thanks a lot Don! I will continue my search and comeback with my finding. It should be interesting.

      I bought a Bluetooth sniffer (Bluetooth Low Energy from and I started playing around with my pebble.

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      Don Donzal

      Not to get too far off topic, my kids and I love adafruit. I even printed out the coloring book for my daughter to introduce electronics to her.


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      Adafruit is super cool!

      back to the topic:

      Here’s a cool video to get anyone started on sniffing LE bluetooth connections.

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      With the arrival of the Pebble Time Round this week, the smart watch market is heating up. We’ve been talking about wearables technology for a long time, but designing one people would actually wear has been elusive. As almost 90% of the standard watch market is made up of round watches, the new Pebble has joined an exclusive club. It’s one of the few smart watches that comes in a form factor that people who aren’t geeks like us are willing to sport.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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