can any one help me?

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      I just download bt3 on to a live CD, and cant find out how to get my Wifi to work
      I am new to the Linux world and don’t really know were to look I have googled for tutorials for backtrack. 

      And cant find what I am looking for, can any one give me an idea on what to do, or were I can look to find out how I can get my Wifi  to work when using backtrack?

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      You try the wireless assistant present in Backtrack?

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      nope i cant find it

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      Click The K -> Internet – > Wireless Assistant
      Should detect wireless networks for you.

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      it says “no usable wireless devices found”

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      I run backtrack from a usb stick. Here’s 3 of the folder full of text files I also have on the key for command references. They’re all things I’ve pulled from various forums and saved for later use.

      Hope it helps.

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      What wireless card to you have? The ubiquiti pcmcia card is a great one for backtrack, although it’s an external card, it has way more power.

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      Clay Briggs

      I’ve noticed that depending on the age of the laptop, if it is new BT will not always have the driver for your card.  Also, you have to sometimes do a bit of iwconfig work to get things rolling.  Sometimes it is best to try out something like Ubuntu, and download/install all of the tools from backtrack 3 into it.  It gives you experience with Linux, and it helps you understand how to trouble shoot various wifi problems and such associated with different hardware.  I do love my backtrack thumbdrives, but the experience of working with Ubuntu outside of just the testing tools has been most useful in getting a better grasp on BackTrack for me.

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      @g00d_4sh wrote:

      I’ve noticed that depending on the age of the laptop, if it is new BT will not always have the driver for your card.

      Or even boot…

      I just bought a new laptop last week and have tried about 6 or 7 different Live CD’s that work fine on my other laptop and desktop, but they won’t even boot on this new one 🙁

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      Clay Briggs

      Yep, I used to have that problem with BT2.  BT3 had updated drivers that worked on my work lappy though.  My personal laptop is still a bit high end though, and I have had far more luck just installing Ubuntu and compiling the tools on it.

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      backtrack 3 doesn’t automatically turn your network interface on. you have to turn it on by yourself. do these from console:
      1. ifconfig /all (to see all your network interface)
      2. ifconfig eth1 up (to bring eth1 up and running, assuming eth1 is your wifi interface)

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