Campaign against Stop Online Piracy Act(SOPA)

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      The beauty of Internet lies in it’s openness, Internet is one of the best things that happened to our society. Internet is brain child of some visionaries,luminaries.

      “Right now, the U.S. Congress is considering legislation that could profoundly affect the future of the Internet. It’s called the Stop Online Piracy Act.
      The fact is that this legislation as written won’t stop piracy. But it would pose a serious threat to social media and user generated content sites (like YouTube) across the internet. It could also undermine some of the core technical systems underlying the internet, creating new cybersecurity risks.”

      Internet is at the edge of a very crucial decision that can shape it’s future. when did politicians got the power to control a brilliant open infrastructure like Internet. I think it’s time that we have to protect what is rightfully people’s, we have to protect the efforts of the amazing people who built Internet with out loosing it’s openness 🙂

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      Don Donzal

      Unfortunately this is all too common. Let’s name some piece of legislation in a way that we can say things like, “How can you be against stopping online piracy?” But what is inside is vastly different than the name. It’s always more gov’t control over something and usually to get either power, money or both.

      You’re right. Why can’t the government just stay out of it?

      I know many people say that without the government and DoD (DARPA et al), we wouldn;t have the internet. Not true. Although the tech may have started there, it was the oppenness of free enterprise that made it explode into what it is today.

      So leave it alone!!!


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      @don ++1  8)

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      i have to laugh at these laws.

      from both sides of the coin, i’m glad i sit in the middle. i remember a few years back i went to an iron maiden concert and they were on the band wagon of “hell yea!! download our stuff – the world should be free”.  a few years later they realized…”um guys, we have no sales figures because we told everyone to share our stuff around”

      again – laughable –

      here’s the deal – all the stuff you paid for, put it on the internet and label it free.  then have folks come and take all the things you worked for away; and then be happy about it –

      i’ve heard the argument as well that companies are just after the big buck –


      here’s where peeps thinking gets all into a hot mess.  they feel that companies actually have some kind of relationship to the customer, and that the company should do everything in their power to provide you with everything you ever dreamed…

      no –

      a company is only there to make money…
      not make you happy
      not to keep you statisfied
      not to make your day

      to make money…

      there are some techniques that help companies make more money through cost and customer service, but they are not doing it out of the kindness of their heart; they are doing it because someone sent them some metrics that proved it would boost sales…

      i think later on today i’m gonna go down the street and hand over my wallet because the world should be free, and i should just simply work because it’s in the interest of the greater good…

      lmao –

      cheers ~
      i’m gonna go get my popcorn now and watch this mess play itself out – should be entertaining…

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