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      Do you buy the official courseware for CEH or you go to Amazon and buy many books for CEH.

      I know that for the V6 there is not any book yet in Amazon, but normally how do you do?

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      I think a lot of people just buy their materials through a place like Amazon. The official courseware is pretty pricey…paying $50 for some used books sure beats $690.

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      Yes, I am doing the same, just for the moment I am reading a book called Penetration Tester Open Source Toolkit Vol 2 during the time that I wait for the V6 in Amazon.

      Do you have others books that you recommend me to read.

      I am reading just to begin to get some knowledge, I am working toward to MCSA and later MCSE (I already got Security+, CCNA and 70-290).


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      I know of a whole bunch, actually:

      CEH Official Review Guide-Kimberly Graves
      CEH Exam Prep-Michael Gregg
      Counter Hack Reloaded-Ed Skoudis
      Hacking Exposed, 6th Edition-Stuart McClure

      These are some of my personal favorites. Anybody else know of some that I’ve forgotten?

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      Dont forget this one, which is very theory based

      -> The CEH Prep Guide: The Comprehensive Guide to Certified Ethical Hacking -Ronald L. Krutz (Author), Russell Dean Vines (Author).
      The cd-rom that came with it is a repeat from the questionaires from the book itself.

      I personally think Exam Cram 2 – Michael Gregg is very practical and hands-on. the cd-rom that came with it contains 125 questionaires which comes with good explanation.

      CEH Official Review Guide-Kimberly Graves is very summarised and it helps re-inforced your understanding on the areas to be tested (which is important). the cd-rom came with 100 bonus questionaires that quite simulate the real exam test.

      But since Ec-Council came up with v6, I hope Exam Cram 2 and other materials will be updated to reflect the changes in the exam based on v6.

      Btw, the v5 official books are not worth it and contains too many stuffs in it.
      better get something straight to the point.



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      I didn’t go for the courseware when I took it. The books listed above are like the common ones.

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      I read the Official Review Guide by Kimberly Graves first to get acquainted with the basic concepts and then read Exam Cram 2 to reinforce the concepts I had just studied…it kind of “filled in the cracks”, if you will.

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