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      So, I am intending to attend either the source conference being hosted in Barcelona, Spain in September or Brucon in Belgium also in september this year.  Like with most people i have a really tight budget and therefore cannot attend both events.  This will be my first time attending either event and would like to know your thoughts as to which you think is worth the money?

      I have checked out Brucon’s schedule which looks good but source’s schedule wont be available until the end of the week…

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      I have not been to Source, so cant comment.
      However I did go to BruCon last year and it really was an awesome conference.
      I am also talking at BruCon this year, so of course I will plug that 🙂

      I think what ever one you decide to attend will be money well spent, and you will have a great time.


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      Thanks Dale, I am definetely going…. I look forward to your talk on Social Engineering  🙂

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      I will be at BruCON this year giving a workshop. Never made it last year. Was considering going to SOURCE Barcelona but it overlaps with my BruCON travel plans. Looks like SOURCE have an awesome line up as well.  :'(

      I will also be attending OWASP Appsec Ireland, also in September. Tickets are relatively cheap, good if your on a budget.

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      That is great news ethicalhack3r, I am seriously looking forward to it!

      Just checked out the OWASP Appsec but not sure I can attend that also as I am going to both source and brucon now 🙂

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      Cool, people from EHN actually talking on BruCON.
      I’ll be there, so I’m looking forward to meeting you all 🙂

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