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      Hi ppl…
      as i will be attending sans windows forensics which is really at low price of 99$, which even u can attend … so i am starting have my hands on some forensics .. so i have startedon browser forensics..

      started with a really good to start to with

      f3e <-- the latest eddition gives u rock on exprience in getting the data from the firefox browser...

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      I used some of the information from this site when I was working on some Browser history analysis tools.  Earlier versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer use more propriatery formats than SQLite databases to store this data.    Don’t forget the registry when you are looking at Internet History.

      If you are going into forensics, see if you can get your hands on a copy of EnCase.  The tools is used by 99.99% of all forensic investigators and it has all of this stuff built in. 

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      hi ketchup thanks for the hints… i have just started the germ course and have started to use the encase yeah i agree with u as encase has been used all over the world by pro… if u know more abt it would love to share

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