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      I’m just starting out with Hacking for Dummies and it’s given me a great idea to set up a virtual pc and attempt to break into it.
      Well, I’ve set up the virtual pc and I’ve managed to get a telnet connection to it on port 135, but now I’m stuck. What do I do now? I’d like to try and browse the filesystem remotely, but I don’t know how.
      I’m using Windows Vista (you may all cringe now) as the host OS and XP as the guest OS. I would’ve used Fedora Core or Ubuntu linux as the guest, but I think my discs are wrecked.

      If anyone can post a list of telnet commands for browsing a filesystem or help me in anyway, I’d really appreciate it. After searching on google, all I keep getting is the standard list of telnet commands that appear when I type in ?

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      I have not practice much with telneting, but just to discover what information the webserver would spit out, but check this link


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      I would recommend downloading a backtrack vm and starting here:

      This will walk you through the tools that you will want to start with.  via telnet, it is difficult to interact with port 135.  There are tools that will help you, but you probably want to know more about the status of the host before going further.  Look at ports open, vulnerabilities present, etc before heading in to try and get a shell.

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      Also as a literary side note, I didn’t feel like Hacking for Dummies really did a great job with explaining the basics. If I were you, and if I happened to be in the market for a good pentesting book, I would look into ‘Penetration Testing and Network Defense’-Whitaker and Newman. It’s basic enough that beginners can understand and technical enough that you can understand what’s being said and actually learn something.

      Just a helpful suggestion…I’ve read ’em all:-)

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      Counterhack Reloaded by Ed Skoudis is another one that you might want to add to your library.

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      Indeed it is. I forgot about that one.

      Some others:

      Gray Hat Hacking- Harris, Harper, Eagle, Ness
      Shellcoder’s Handbook- Anley, Heasman, Linder, Richarte
      Hacking Exposed series- mostly by McClure, Scambray

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      OK, I should’ve done more research. I was expecting telnet to give me access to the vpc’s filesystem…

      I’ve tried looking for software that I can use to access the vpc’s filesystem, but I haven’t found anything.

      I found some tutorials on doing all sorts of things crackers would do, but nothing on remotely accessing a protected filesystem.
      Does anyone know about a tutorial on doing this or is it ridiculous to assume that such a tutorial exists?

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      That depends. What’s the OS of your virtual machine?

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      I’ve got the vpc set up to use WinXP – I would prefer to use linux, but it seems my pc doesn’t have the ram and stuff to handle Vista and linux running at the same time…

      I’m hoping to get something that’ll show me how to get into a password protected user profile too

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      @W3bWarl0cK wrote:

      …I would prefer to use linux, but it seems my pc doesn’t have the ram and stuff to handle Vista and linux running at the same time…

      But it’ll run Vista and XP? Never come across that problem, now I’m confused…..

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      The best advice i can give you is go get the practice pentest disks, called De-ICE, from

      Basically you will use your VMware to boot one of those disks that have multiple vulnerabilities. Dont worry about using it… just boot it. Your not supposed to have access until you hack it.

      Then boot Backtrack 4 and use it to attack the target.

      Ethical hacking is designed in phases, get acquainted with the tools and concepts of each phase. 

      Use the Penetration testing framework here to get started:

      Everything is numbered, obviously since your target is a VM you can skip the Social Engineering et al.

      This is a good start, let us know if you need help with a concept or tool, but do your own due diligence, it helps get the mindset of a real hacker ingrained in your head =)

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      I would also recommend you to search through this and similar websites as there are many newcomers with same or similar questions.

      Just start with a few basics like networking, programming etc. and improve yourself continously. The discs mentioned by Jhaddix, the De-ICE ones, are really great for getting some experience with the whole process of penetration testing and tools which can be involved.

      Another thing you may try out if interested in Linux may be DVL – Damn Vulnerable Linux. This is a linux distro which was designed to offer vulnerable services to allow different attacks.

      VMWare is one of the best programs you can use in my opinion and you should definetily consider to upgrading your RAM in order to get it running smoothly. Later on the chance is high that you will use this software on a regulary basis for various tasks.

      In this and other threads already a lot of books where recommended to you, so just pick the ones which looks interesting to you and start.

      If you have any specific questions please feel free to ask but you have to do the work by yourself.

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      I sort of went down the same path as you (hacking VM’s etc..) when I first got a computer and abut the same time I bought “Pentesters Open Source Toolkit”.  It was one of the best books I have read and I still refer back to it all the time.

      As for telnet, here’s a link to some commands



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      @eRiCtHyReD wrote:

      I also recommend OWASP Live CD:

      The OWASP Live CD focuses more on web application attacks and lacks some better features that the Samurai Web Testing Framework has.

      if you want to learn Webapp hacking you’ll want to setup the Hacme products by Foundstone, or damn vulnerable web app. Use SamuraiWTF to abuse these distributions (XSS, SQLi, etc)

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      I HATE capped data lines…

      Thanks for the info about the tools guys, but I can’t download any of it.
      My connection is capped at 3G, and I’m not the only one who uses it.

      That’s the reason I love small .exe downloads…

      Thanks again though

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