Book Review: Hacking for Dummies 6th Edition

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      Michael J. Conway

      EH-Net - Book Review: Hacking for Dummies 6th Edition - Book Cover with AuthorHacking for Dummies by Kevin Beaver is an information security professional’s introduction to ethical hacking. It is 22 chapters of information ranging from definitions (kept to a minimum) to reporting findings and everything in between. It also includes an appendix full of tools and resources useful for testing, reporting, and researching. It is not the end-all be-all of ethical hacking. There are topics on which it scratched the surface and others where it spends a little more time. On just about every topic, the author refers to additional resources that are also listed in the appendix. What follows is what I felt were the good points of the book, the not so good, and a final recommendation. As Sun Tzu wrote some 2500 years ago, “Know yourself and know your enemy and you need not fear the outcome of 100 battles.”1

      [See the full article at: Book Review: Hacking for Dummies 6th Edition]

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