Book Review – Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit

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      Book Review - Cybersecurity Blue Team ToolkitIn the world of cyber, there are many different teams and roles to play. The Blue Team generally doesn’t get the spotlight but are vital to the defense of an organization. In the book “Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit”, Nadean H. Tanner explains what the basic tools of the trade are. Coming from a system and network administration background, a lot of these tools were familiar to me. A lot of people ask about how to transition into security. My way in? Translate the skills I attained while troubleshooting and fixing computers and networks into securing them. If you want to protect enterprises and already have familiarity with these tools, that can be your path, too. Nadean masterfully turns that concept into an easy to read guide for aspiring blue teamers.

      Like most technical books, this tome is organized into chapters covering various topics in a natural progression of difficulty. Personally, I skipped around going to the topics that most interested me. This book doesn’t require reading from beginning to end, as all of the chapters contain valuable nuggets of information. So in a slight change from the norm, this review is composed to match the way in which I read it.

      [See the full article at: Book Review – Cybersecurity Blue Team Toolkit]

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      The purpose of cybersecurity is to help prevent cyber attacks, data breaches and identity theft and can aid in risk management. When an organization has a strong sense of network security and an effective incident response plan, it is better able to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks. For example, end user protection defends information and guards against loss or theft while also scanning computers for malicious code.

      Cyber security Governance is a framework that provides a structured and measurable approach to combine security strategies with business strategies. It’s a distinct aspect of Information Technology that focuses on developing and maintaining the 4 “P’s” of security: Products, Processes, Policies, and People.

      If you want to learn more about Cyber Security Governance, you can just go through the link

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      You shared a very nice piece of information

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      Cybersecurity is very important to me. I think that you can’t use the Internet without it, if you are not anonymous

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