Book Review: Cracking Codes with Python

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      Ray Doyle

      With one last code modification, you’re in, and the contents of the vault are yours! Cracking Codes with Python is not quite about breaking into banks
      [See the full article at: Book Review: Cracking Codes with Python]

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      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your review! I first learned Python while taking a cryptography course. I am still working on developing my understanding of Python, but as applied to cryptography using Python helped show me the value of key length, initialization vectors and salts, and the value(/ease?) of asymmetrical cryptography for key exchange, digital signatures and the PKI. With regard to Python, cryptography helped me understand the value of Python modules, gave me a glimpse of the potential range of object oriented programming, and provided some appreciation for the open-source movement and its long term value. With regard to hacking, using Python for cryptography and cryptanalysis gave me a better understanding that security is about the relationship of effort to value. A fortress need not be impenetrable, the cost of penetration just needs to be higher then the value of entry (thankfully within the context of time.)

      Belated congratulations on the GXPN, and your CTF successes.

      I am studying for the GXPN now. It is sort of the opposite approach to a boot camp. I’ve completed some goals and give myself a year to develop the coding and analytical agility elements for the GXPN and serious Pen Testing in general.

      I will check out that GitHub page you mentioned, and wish you all the best.


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      Hi Ray,

      I really enjoyed your blog and the GitHub account. You posted a great selection of python scripts. I have a lot of similar code that completes the same functions.

      Your shell code was fun to read. I am trying to get there myself, but much less far along. Keep that stuff up there, and I will be referring to it as I study and experiment.



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      This is important for readers to understand how far cryptography, as well as computer law, have come since the early 1990s. The paper cryptography tools section was fun, though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the included virtual cipher wheel. It might have been nice to cover one more cipher by hand, but I understand that the book covers other ciphers later on.

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