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      Change Kelly Monty

      Is there an effective way to block all unwanted websites on my family PC? I mean those adult websites etc.

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      There are numerous software packages and services out there to block ‘unwanted’ sites.

      Perhaps the easiest (free one) to START with would be to use something like OpenDNS’s FamilyShield.

      Basically, you’d change your DNS settings for the PC to use their addresses from that page, and it would automatically block most known ‘bad’ sites.

      Setup instructions, from that link above, can be found here:

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      If you are using Windows take a look at the Microsoft Family Safety/Microsoft Family features (free). It claims to block access to adult content, and you can also configure it to only allow access to specific web sites if you want.

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      i use opendns, because my router dosnot block mostly website but open dns is works perfectly,

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