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      Hey, I just worked out I never did one of these “Hello world” posts!!!

      So here it goes, hey guys my name is Andy and I live in Australia. For the past 12 years I have been a network admin for a number of companies. I enjoy my work and love working with tech.

      I have always had a love of security, I guess starting when I discovered that I could get into parts of my schools network that I shouldn’t be in (bad bad Andrew!)

      I would love to make InfoSec my full time job however that kind of role is hard to get into in the city I live in!

      I plan to start my OSCP training, will sign up once I finish moving into my new house (so much work required! 3 cubic meters of garden waste yesterday!)

      This is a great forum and I thank Don and the others for creating such a top space for people like us to talk about the things that interest us!

      Cheers guys!

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      Think these post should be renamed to hello world post 😛 Welcome to the forms you been here a while so you know most rules but have fun lol

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      And a belated “Welcome!” 🙂

      What city are you in? I’m in the US, but it seems like Melbourne and particularly Sidney have a decent amount of infosec opportunities, from what I hear anyway.

      I was going to suggest making a move if opportunities are so hard to come by there, but I guess that’s not feasible if you just got a new house.

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      @ajohnson wrote:

      What city are you in?

      Hey , I am in Brisbane…. don’t want to move, love it here too much. One day I guess if the right job came along I would look at moving.

      Thanks for the welcome 🙂

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