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      I have been offered a number of different opportunities to pursue some IT certifications. I will list these below:

      1. IT bootcamp
      This training is a few weeks long and includes certification for Network+, Security+, CEH and one other Comptia cert that I choose (or ECSA).

      2. Only ONE of the below certifications: (includes a training program, exam fees, etc.)
      PMP, Six Sigma (Green Belt), SSCP, CISSP, any GIAC course, Dell Boomi Professional Administrator, Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI – ACP), SPHR, Network Security Professional NSE 5, ITIL, Oracle 11G/12c Database, CCNA, Java SE 7/8

      3. Any IT-related training up to $4000 at my local CC.

      Side note:
      I’m in college now, and can audit a few CS courses each semester if there are other courses here that you recommend or feel are essential.

      Here is my current plan that I was thinking about. I could first do the boot camp and automatically have Network+, Security+, CEH. I would think the next logical progression here would be CASP. That would take care of #1. Next, I would use opportunity #2. Here, I would pursue an appropriate GIAC cert exam, but I’m not sure which one like to pursue (certified Pen Test maybe?). Finally, for #3, I guess I would just call the CC and explain what progress I’ve made at that point and ascertain the next appropriate cert for that final training opportunity.
      What do you think about this particular plan?

      I have no previous experience in IT, but I’m a vet and I plan on working in the government at any agency that I can get hired at. Thank you!

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      Don Donzal

      Opportunities are always good. Sounds like you have plenty, but before we dig in… what grabs you? What excites you? I can’t tell from your post if you’re more interested in diving deeper into tech or want to push towards policy, management, etc. Although it does seem as though you’re leaning tech. If so, which way?

      As an example, if you’re more interested in becoming a pentester, then for #1, I’d go with Linux+. But if you were more inclined for a broader role in something like infrastructure, then CASP.

      Once you decide that, it might make it easier for you to decide the rest of your path. Something that might help is going through the material provided in the free PTS Barebones course you received as being a member of EH-Net. This might help you decide if you gravitate towards pentesting. It may be that the blue side is calling you with incident response in a SOC, threat hunting, etc.

      Whatcha thinkin’?

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