Best network cards/usb antennas for air cracking?

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      I just purchased a new MSI GP60 notebook and I want to upgrade the wireless to something a lot more powerful that also supports aircrack and backtrack. An internal card would be nice but I’m not opposed to an external USB as long as it is not gigantic (no 2ft antennas unless they retract or fold up small please). a few things that would be nice would be 300MB/s or 450Mb/s speed, bluetooth, WiDi, very long range. Obviously I don’t expect to find all that in one card magical all powerful device but the more boxes checked the better. I like the style of the Alfa AWUS036H with the suction cup holder you can put on the back of your laptop but the 150Mb/s was a huge turnoff for me. Also a question, if my internal card supports bluetooth and I used a USB external EX: the alfa, will I be able to use the bluetooth from the internal while using the wifi from the external? Any recommendations on a device?

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      after a little bit of research I’m considering the alfa AWUS051NH. does anyone know if this can work well in BT5 r3 with packet injection support? its the only dual band alpha and does 300Mb/s. if not i guess I’m stuck with the Alfa AWUS036NHA or Alfa AWUS036NH.

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      Security and equipment must be strict and safe:

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