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    Hello guys,
    Lately I had the chance to read “Beautiful Security” and I found it an amazing book. Every chapter covers a different subject and it is written by a SME in his field.

    Just to give you an idea:
    Ch 7. The Evolution of PGP’s Web of Trust is written by the creator of the PGP – Phil Zimmermann
    Ch 13. Beautiful Log Handling is written by Dr. Anton Chuvakin
    CH 4. The economy of security breaches (one of my favourites) is written by Dr. Chenxi Wang from Forrester
    and many more.

    This is not an extremely technical book, and the authors explain why security is so beautiful, everyone speaking about a different field.

    There some stories in the book, they are speaking about current problems and concepts, and there are many advices that everyone can benefit from. I took many notes from this book on how to improve some processes on my company. Also, there are some concepts  I would like to implement in my company in order to improve security.

    I recommend this book to everyone that does security, and some of the chapters must be read by the non-security people in that specific department (for example the developers should read Ch10 Security by design, the managers ch 1,3,4 and so on).

    Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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    Thanks for that write up. I have not even seen this one slide by. The reviews on amazon are great too. Downloading on my Kindle as I type.

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    Another thank you for the write up. I will probably grab this for my Nook to read through after I finish the other two books I am currently reading.

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    I had the opportunity to write a chapter for this book on disaster recovery but unfortunately could not meet the rather insane deadline they set for me due to an incredibly busy work schedule. I now wish I had made the time to do it, have heard a few people talk about how much they like the book.

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    Sounds a good read maybe get a copy if I ever finish my current books I am reading.

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