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      Steph Ihezukwu

      EH-Net - Steph Ihezukwu - BBP: My Path to the CISO Chair“So, I heard back from the team. They really liked you, but I had no idea that you’ve just been promoted. The policy is that if you’ve been promoted, you have to wait a full year before you can change departments. I’m so sorry. If I knew, I wouldn’t have put you through all of this.”

      My heart sank. Are you freaking serious, I thought. “But this wasn’t a position promotion. It was just a salary increase and a title change. Nothing about my role has changed. Why would I need to work a full year doing the same exact thing before I can move into security?”

      “I’m sorry, that’s the policy. You’re welcome to take it up with HR…” And just like that, I was back at square one. Dejected, I closed the messaging window, locked my computer and went on “break” to cool down. I was livid. I was disappointed. I was dumbfounded. But mostly? I was lost. For four years, I had tried (and failed…miserably) to get an entry-level security job. Up until this point, I hadn’t even gotten close.

      [See the full article at: BBP: You’ve Just Been Promoted…]

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      James Parker

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      This is really true. Take a break if you need to, but don’t quit until you’ve tried everything. Reach out to people along the way. Click here

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      I am so inspired by her story. I like what she said “do not base your self-worth on whether or not you can get a security job. Instead, base your self-worth on your resilience, your persistence and your thirst for learning”. This is really true and I am applying it to myself.

      Robert | Home Remodeling Anchorage Alaska

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      Very inspiring! It would be no easy feat, i know you cross a hard path to get the promotion. Well, you really deserve it! 🙂

      Davidson | Plaster repair

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      Nothing about my role has changed. Why would I need to work a full year doing the same exact thing before I can move into security?

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      Nice article! Looking forward to a more informative one. commitment

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