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      Hi All,

      Just want to inform you that back track is currently developing a mobile pentesting tool.(Nokia N900.) The OS is a free download but for person who does not have time may place an order on or  Older versions of the neopwn hopefully would also be out, for the people who are using the Openmoko Freerunner. You may visit the backtrack crew at join #backtrack-linux. I hope we could get good responses on this post so we could get good reviews, comments or help as well.

      Regards to All.

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      thanks for the info. i guess now i know which phone to get next 😉 got a Nokia N95 for the powerfull wifi and to toy around. i have to get more into it, but other things first…

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      I think I found my new phone.

      But then again, who am I kidding?  I still never did anything with that Compaq Ipaq I was going to make a pen testing platform from. 🙁 

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      Hmm BackTrack on a phone would be pretty sweet and more stealthy than walking around with a laptop 8). Though, it would probably be slower, depending on the specs.

      I’ve been planning on writing a WEP cracker for my Windows Mobile phone, but I have so many other projects to finish first :-

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      I think it would a very frustrating experience typing on that thing.  Still, very cool.

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      I was already planning on getting the n900 as my next phone. Now I have more reason. Yey…

      I wonder if anyone is going to work on a back port to the n770, n800 or n810. (I have the first 2, didn’t bother with the last 1).

      I miss kismit on the n800. Used to use that for wifi hunting at work. Everyone thought I was just texting like mad on my phone.

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      As far as I know they would be supporting some phones. I am really looking forward to get the old version of neopwn. Cuz I got the free runner. Wondering also how would they call it. if you guys have any questions on the development, log in to then join #backtrack-linux just asked around somebody will be there for you.

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      Let us know how well this works, if you’re doing it.  While I can see advantages to having a small, unobtrusive handheld (a cell phone) to do this, my preference would be to have code on something like an iPhone or iPod touch, at least, for the slightly larger screen size and readability’s sake (like the demo I saw from DefCon last year, I think it was.)  I’m not a fan of trying to make sense of things on uber-tiny screens, with limited text entry capability, unless I’m going in with something pre-scripted, specifically for the task at hand, etc.

      I DO have BackTrack loaded on my oQo 2, and even that, if I’m not prepped beforehand, is not the most convenient (even though it DOES give me the slideout keyboard, etc, and a nice small footprint to carry in and out, unobtrusively.)  It also has great support for packet injection, etc. 

      So I’m always interested to hear others’ experiences with handheld devices and BackTrack / hacking distros and tools, and am open to trying more of them myself, if they prove to be easier to utilize, for their small sizes.

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      I”ll keep you posted I was asked by the creator to join his updates. If you just want to go ahead and asked straight to the channel just go and looked for swc|666.

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