Backtrack 5 R3 (upgrade vs clean install)

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      Just currently upgrading one of my BackTrack 5 installs to R3 and was wondering whether or not people preferred a clean install as opposed to an upgrade? Would be interested to hear what people prefer and their rationale for either choice.

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      BT upgrades can be tedious at best, nightmarish otherwise.  I have not had any upgrades go particularly well until some time after launch.  Let others set the bugs worked out.  I typically run BT in a VM of some sort, so I typically set up a second drive for data and can then attach it to whichever other distro I need.  I always keep the old versions around, but it seems best to do a clean install in my experience.

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      I prefer a clean install. I use it on a VM, and all my customizations are stored in a repository in my local network, and I can quickly git clone them over to the new install. I have scripts that copy old configurations over and setup everything the way I like it. This allows me to quickly get it up to speed with minimal interaction in a matter of minutes.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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