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      Assignments are an integral part of the teaching process of any form of educational technique. It helps to summarize in brief whatever amount of knowledge the student was able to enquire through the lessons of the teacher and his daily lessons. Despite all the advantages of an assignment, attention should be given to the changing times and the global turmoil caused by the corona pandemic causing every set system in upheaval. The pandemic and the last year to be precise have forced every section of the world, especially the educational sector to change its traditional methods which were otherwise set in stone into more adaptive methods to accommodate the needs of the students and the faculty. These changes are hugely impacted by the advancement in technology and human resource. This state of the world vis a vis the mental stress that the long list of pending assignments causes to a student’s mind is a very important factor to consider. With students having to allot their time between all the basic things, different ways of life and at the same time study while having to deal with time management for assignment help Singapore; it gets very hard for them to cope up.

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