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      Dear community,

      I’ve been following the site for a couple of years now and seen others ask the same before (and I’ve check the replies to them). But, since this is a rapid changing field I’d like to get an update.

      I am an undergraduate student in a Computer Security program. I will be starting my final year soon and with it I’ll have to do the Final Year Project (FYP). It can be pretty much anything related to security.

      I’d like to ask you for help so when I have to go and propose my project I have at least four or 5 different ideas. I’ve seen many before me going with just one or two and then both ideas being rejected as FYP. It’s hard enough thinking of one idea good enough, but four or more is tricky. So, if possible I’d like to ask for a brainstorm of ideas.

      I don’t want to set limits, I’ll look into anything that is interesting, but as a guide these are the things that interest me more. Penetration testing would be an ideal focus (on any if its areas), but not the only thing I’d consider. I prefer working on Linux as oposed to Windows or Mac. I am also quite interested in the Android platform.
      Preferred programming languages are Python and C. Java… well, not my favorite but obviously I’m okay to go with it if there’s an interesting Android project.

      Thank you a lot for any help I might get.

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      What about this:

      Develop your own version of IPS using snort – You will learn not just how to configure snort but also how you can make other devices to help you to block an attack or your same bock.

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      Hi impelse, thank you so much for your suggestion.
      It sounds like an interesting idea. I’ll look a bit more into it and prepare a proposal for my project.
      I’ll let you know if this is the one I end up working on.

      Any more interesting ideas anyone?

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      Maybe find an application or company with a bug bounty and step through testing their application showing each step and how you moved through. Obviously with in the scope of the bug bounty program.

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      It’s quite a good idea. It might even turn out to be profitable!! 😉

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