[Article]-Worst. Ethical. Hacker. Challenge. Ever.

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      Don Donzal

      After a short hiatus, we’re back in a big way with a Simpson’s themed challenge from a first time author (and past winner). This one breaks from the norm, but you’ll have to play to find out how. Good luck.

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      [align=center:1qbv19aa]New Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge!


      Woohoo! I’m delighted to announce that we have a brand-new ethical hacker challenge for you. This one was written by Kevin Bong, or as I like to call him “K-Bo”, who was the creative winner of the Charlotte’s Web Site challenge earlier this year. K-Bo always does great work, and this Simpsons-themed challenge is awesome, from its self-deprecating title to its format. It’s called, “Worst. Ethical. Hacker. Challenge. Ever.” How’s that for managing expectations, setting the bar pretty low? It features Jeff “Comic Book Guy” Albertson from the Simpsons. One of the things I love about having my friends write these challenges is that each brings a different style to the endeavor, from Tom Liston’s Netcat rhyming to Mike Poor’s Kill Bill martial arts references to Matt Carpenter’s Serenity malware analysis skills. Each has taken the basic idea of these challenges and expanded it in their own quirky way. This month, K-Bo doesn’t disappoint, with this very whacked view of Comic Book Guy getting hacked, all written in comic book format. Sheer genius! Do’h!

      Remember, as always, we’ll award three prizes: One for the best technical answer, one for the most creative answer that is technically correct, and one awarded to a winner chosen randomly. Thus, if you can’t answer all of the questions, still send something in to qualify for the random winner. This month’s prize is my book, Malware: Fighting Malicious Code, which I authored with Lenny Zeltser.

      [align=right:1qbv19aa]–Ed Skoudis, Intelguardians
      Author, Counter Hack Reloaded[/align:1qbv19aa]

      Have fun,

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      Don Donzal

      Submitted to digg:


      Help get K-Bo the recognition he deserves.


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      I sense a number of good creative answers to this one!


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      Don Donzal

      Just in case you didn’t see it on the front page:

      *Challenge Extended to Nov 19, 2007!*

      No one got the challenge 100% correct, and only 1 person found the hidden message.
      So let's keep it going… I know you all can do this one!![/align:1zvkki8l]


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      Cool, been real busy lately with work. I really want to try this challenge.

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      As Don suggested in the post above, there is a “secret message” one of the attackers left for CBG.  Once you’ve figured out the how the three “attacks” were accomplished you need to dig a bit deeper to learn the whole story.

      Good Luck!


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      Don Donzal

      Reminder: Last day to submit your answers.


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