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      Don Donzal

      The little quote below just about says it. Ed & Kevin are putting the finishing touches on the answers & winners for Miracle on Thirty-Hack Street. Should be soon, so stay tuned. New challenge is slated for March (don’t ask for an ETA). That’s about all I can say right now other than it will be released no later than ’24’ days from now.  😉

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      Hello challenge fans. Sorry for the long delay, but better late than never, right? Actually this one caused a little debate, because we did not have anyone that gave a completely accurate answer on either the technical or creative sides. But in considering that these challenges are not just contests but also great ways to learn, we decided to release the answers without any winners. So although there are no signed copies of Ed Skoudis’ book, Counter Hack Reloaded, a couple of you still get your name in lights as we mention some of your good thoughts. We’ll just have to keep in mind the immortal words of Mike McDermott in Rounders when replying to one of the participants in the judges poker game that Professor Petrovsky is not paying him. Mike kindly replies, “Oh, well, knowledge is my reward, sir.” So without further delay, here’s Mr. Shewmaker with the answers to SSHliders. 


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      ’24’ huh?  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..  ::)

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      Looking forward. 🙂

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      It’s a shame that no one got the correct answer, but it was definitely enjoyable.  I am going to over the answers now and realizing how much by SSH-fu is lacking.  Thanks for this amazing challenge.  I am definitely learning something new here.

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