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      Don Donzal

      RichM, for those of you that don’t know, has been following a second dream for quite some time. That dream does not include IT. So even though he is now one of the proud men in a local fire dept, he will still continue to push his interests in computer technology, although it is not his day job any more.

      Congrats on continuing the chase. Glad to see it finally paid off.

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      Last year I wrote up a review of Spiceworks v2. There were a few minor issues that I had with this application billed as “Free IT Management Software,” but overall I felt it was a solid product.  Recently, I received an email notifying me that the latest iteration of Spiceworks was released. I thought it might be interesting to look over version 3, highlight the newest and best features, and see if the cons have been improved.

      Disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever been affiliated with or otherwise compensated by Spiceworks.

      Basic Install

      As with the previous versions, the install of Spiceworks couldn’t be more straightforward.  It uses a few questions to configure the scanning, ensuring that it has the necessary passwords for any and all boxes running on the network.  The first change that stands out immediately, is the GUI.

      Please leave your comments and/or additional questions for RIchM right here in this thread.


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      Don Donzal

      Submitted to digg:


      You know what to do.


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