[Article]-Social-Engineer.org is Vegas Bound Baby!

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      Don Donzal

      Chris shares with us some of the great ideas that the SEORG Crew are bringing to Vegas next week. Hope you can enjoy at least some of them. Their webcast can even be enjoyed by those who can’t make the trek to the desert.

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      By Chris Hadnagy

      20 years.  Hard to believe, but Defcon has been around for 2 decades.  And Black Hat has been doing its thing for 15 years and continues to buck the conference trend and grow in attendance each year.  These two security conferences are some of the pace setting events for our industry.  For the last few years, the crew at Social-Engineer have been a part of these events, and this year is no different.

      As you may know, we have 2 arms of our organization. Social-Engineer.org is the free web portal that strives to achieve “Security Through Education” not only with our core crew but also with many excellent contributors.  Social-Engineer.com is our commercial arm offering social engineering services (such as penetration tests) and training.  Here are some of the events, happenings and schedule for us during the annual pilgrimage to Vegas.


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