[Article]-September 2012 Free Giveaway Winner of ACE Hacklebox™

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      Don Donzal

      Thanks to everyone who made this possible from Taylor of ACE Hackware as all of the members of EH-Net especially our winner, MaXe.

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      [align=center:z88woiz3]We Have a Winner!!


      After making a great new connections through the ACE Hackware is the latest supporter of EH-Net. “A lot has changed in ten years,” notes Taylor. “I can hardly imagine the thrill to be a pentester just starting his or her career with the toys available to hackers today!” Real pentesting and effective social engineering require a diverse, esoteric and well honed skill-set. Still, with a hidden camera, a set of lock picks, and a pentest drop box (or better yet, a Hacklebox™), even a noob can get root in all but the tightest of environments.

      Although it has a retail value of $600, we wouldn’t be satisfied with giving away just the standard Hacklebox™ now would we? This month’s prize is a Special Edition ACE Hackware / EthicalHacker.net Hacklebox™ that adds several tools to this already robust hacker’s toy box, including dual pentest drop boxes, an upgraded bump key set, an improved ID kit and a stylish, professional looking watch with a hidden 1080p full-HD, night-vision camera! And how classic is it that Taylor came up with a package values at $1337? With a professional looking case sporting custom ACE Hackware and EthicalHacker.net logos, you’ll be pentesting in style. See the full list after the break.

      This month’s winner has been a member for a while and is a previous winner of our giveaways. But if you’ve ever started a thread and seen his name pop up in a thread, then you know why he was chosen again. He gives great advice from both a technical and practicial point of view and is willing to do it in a very courteous manner. Gotta love the Aussies! So congratulations to EH-Net member, MaXe, and I look forward to his continued presence. It’s truly appreciated.

      [align=center:z88woiz3]Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE![/align:z88woiz3]


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      Pfft.. He’s not even a real Aussie. He doesn’t have any convict ancestors; he just moved there for work 😉

      Congrats, MaXe! Definitely appreciate all the quality posts.

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      Congrats and enjoy!

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      Thanks don, I am so happy that I won this hacklebox  ;D ajohnson is right,  I just moved there for work, about ancestors, no idea if any were convict or not, but we do have freedom fighter blood running in my family (from around the world war), and a somewhat unknown history if you go back 100 years  🙂 (As if the family just popped out of nowhere  😮 Aliens )

      Can’t wait to see it (the hacklebox) arrive  ;D

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      Awesome prize. Congrats!

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      Congratulations! What an awesome prize 🙂


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      Definitely very much deserved MaXe. Congratulations! Hardware is so much fun 🙂

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      @ajohnson wrote:

      Congrats, MaXe! Definitely appreciate all the quality posts.

      Agreed, also applies to InterN0T  ;).

      Looks like your going to have a lot of fun with this one :).

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      Awesome MaXe!  Congrats!  Get some action shots of the box 😀

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      Thanks guys! I will definitely review all of the items that arrives and take some photos of them too  ;D

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      Just a side note, but I got to meet Taylor this past weekend, and he’s an awesome guy. Despite working some long, stressful hours, he was friendly with everyone and always took the time to provide in-depth explanations for their products, even when the customer obviously wasn’t going to make a purchase.

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      The emails that has been going back and forth has also, been very kind, professional and overall great  ;D So I agree 100% with ajohnson that Taylor seems like an overall awesome guy  🙂

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      Congrats Sorry its a bit late but I been missing in action the last few weeks 🙂

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      Where is your review, MaXe? 😉

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