[Article]-Review: Penetration Testing with BackTrack by Offensive Security Part 1

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      Don Donzal

      With all the chatter we have on this site regarding Offensive Security and the training courses they offer, it only makes sense for us to do a more formal review with the level of detail you have come to enjoy here on EH-Net. This will be an ongoing series by Ryan as PWB is only the first course we’ll put him through. Should be fun.

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      I have had the opportunity to enroll in the “Pentesting With BackTrack” course from Offensive Security. Over the next 30 days, I will be posting an update a week with my thoughts on the content that I have worked through in the previous week, along with experiences with labs, support, and also personal revelations. At the end, I am going to give a more objective report on the entire class, listing what I see as strengths, weaknesses, as well as benefits and deficits compared to other classes I’ve taken. So follow along, as I go from the period before the class starts, all the way through the exam.

      The course is described by Offensive Security as, “‘Pentesting with BackTrack’ (previously known as Offensive Security 101) is an online course designed for network administrators and security professionals who need to get acquainted with the world of offensive security. This penetration testing course introduces the latest hacking tools and techniques, and includes remote live labs for exercising the material presented to the students. This course gives a solid understanding of the penetration testing process, and is equally important for those wanting to either defend or attack their network. The course can be taken from your home, as long as you have a modern computer with high speed internet.”

      Let us know what you think or if you have any specific questions you’d like Ryan to answer.


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      Great, thanks Don and Ryan. I am interested in the OS courses myself and consider to take them in future, so already looking forward to your coming reviews.

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      Are you running backtrack as a virtual machine, or on a dedicated computer for this class?

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      This sounds great – can’t wait to read the review.

      As someone whose employer doesn’t provide training funds, knowing which resources are the best is very important…

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      I was just wondering how regularly you intend to provide updates on this one please?


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      @T_Bone wrote:


      I was just wondering how regularly you intend to provide updates on this one please?


      Errrm I dunno

      I will be posting an update a week

      RTFM  ;D(Always wanted to say that)

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      Sorry for the delay, I was out of town for a bit. 

      For the class I have been using a BackTrack 4 VM on my Macbook (with 1G of memory).  I have been using VMWare as my virtualization, and have had it in both bridged and nat mode depending on where I am. I have accessed the network via both my home internet connection and 3G.  If you are doing 3G, you need to have a lot of patience.  The only downside to doing it on my Macbook, is some of the stuff is really suited for a bigger screen.  I wouldn’t forsee any issues to doing this on a VM though.  I have a ESX server at home, and was going to use that, but as I knew I’d be traveling, I opted for my macbook since it’s much easier to carry 🙂

      I am done with the second week, and just need to get this to Don.  Sorry I’m a bit behind, but I hope to get it to him tonight.  So far though, this class is a blast.  The lab environment is nice, and I’ve picked up some great tidbits. 

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