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      Don Donzal

      Hopefully some of you know the answers already from signing up on The Informer and helping to support Johnny Long’s efforts. After a little time on his site, we have now posted not just the answers but also the winners. Thanks Raul for such a thorough job on the challenge, the answers and for the professional attitude with which you handled all of the interactions with myself, Ed and the participants. Kudos.

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      Hello, challenge fans! This is Raul Siles, author of the The Informer subscribers a few days ago. EH-Net had teamed with The Informer; in Johnny Long words, “(It is) a fund raising effort run by Hackers For Charity. It is designed to give subscribers a “backstage pass” to the world of Information Security. For $54 per year, subscribers get early, exclusive access to all sorts of goodies donated by the top names in the INFOSEC world. The industry’s most recognized names will post blog entries here before they even post them to their own sites.” The EH-Net contribution will be the answers to the Skillz Challenges a few days before they are revealed on EH-Net.

      The main goal of this challenge was to improve your pen-testing skills by devising an attack strategy to achieve multiple goals, such as dealing with a VoIP 802.1q (VLAN) scenario, squeeze the Windows and Metasploit meterpreter capabilities to sniff traffic, and decode and analyze HTTPS traffic. You became very creative, with different assumptions and answers, covering a variety of strategies and tools.

      As always, please add your thoughts and comments in this thread.

      The next challenge is ready to go and will be posted in a matter of days. It’s by James Shewmaker (Blue Notch, SANS) and is based on the TV show Sliders.  8)


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      Congratulations to the winners. 😉

      Thanks Don and Raul for offering this one, already looking forward to the next challenge.

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