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      Don Donzal

      Hope you guys like the prizes we have for this month. It’s a new offering, so throwing your opinions around is encouraged.

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      [align=center:uy7pqf73]Win Online Instructor-Led Training = $2400!!


      In our continuing effort to find great ways to learn and advance careers, we’d happy to introduce you to a new project by our friends at CareerAcademy.com. LearningGate is an OnDemand platform for training that also includes LIVE online labs, Around the Clock online live mentoring from certified experts, and much more. Courses include ISC2, CompTIA, Cisco®, Microsoft, VMWare and many more.

      So we are excited to announce that LearningGate will be giving away two annual memberships to their revolutionary all-inclusive training solution! The LearningGate Technical Membership will give two lucky winners a full year of Unlimited Access to a complete library of OnDemand Instructor-Led training and Hands-On LIVE Online Labs that will fully prepare them for numerous industry certifications. Each of these 12-month OnDemand Learning Memberships is valued at over $1000! (regular price of $99 / month with NO long term commitment). See more details after the break.

      Hopefully after years of giving away thousands of dollars in prizes each and every month on this community-driven free online magazine, you know the drill by now. Simply become a member, participate in our forums, offer up positive career advice, helps newbies and spread the word of EH-Net. Not too difficult, huh? Good luck to all EH-Netters far and wide!

      [align=center:uy7pqf73]Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE![/align:uy7pqf73]

      Good luck,

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      wow, what a prize! Thanks to the guys over at Career Academy.

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      Another amazing prize this would be great for someone new to security to work towards their first cert. I highly recommended you get posting and good luck to everyone.

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      Awesome  😮

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      Looking good!

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      Nice! They offer some really interesting classes  8)

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      where do you go to find information to sign up for the prize or what you have to do?

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      First and foremost, you need to be a member here at ethicalhacker.net.  From there, contest winners are determined by activity on the forums (participation, contribution to discussions, voting in polls, actively promoting EH-net), and contributing to the security community, at large.

      Don’s always been very fair with winner selection, and you’ll see both new and existing members winning, where appropriate.

      Note – it’s NOT about quantity of posts, etc, but quality

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      Another awesome prize. I’m new, but I’ll post if I can contribute something worthwhile.

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      Great prize! Although I ‘ve been a member for a while, this is my first post. However my visits and views in the EH-Net pages and forum are really often.  😉
      Anyway this is another great prize from EH-Net and some really interesting courses are offered.

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      Well that’s good to know….

      Thank you for letting me know.

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