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      Don Donzal

      Some more SE goodness from Mr. Hadnagy. Catch him live in a city near you. OK, maybe not right near you (He’ll be in Paris this week), but he does many speaking events, so it’s worth looking him up.

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      By Chris Hadnagy

      Many fans of the Social-Engineer.org newsletter will remember a couple years ago when I launched some research.  I wrote about the study and the use of nonverbal communications and labeled it NLH.  Over the last couple of years I have been working on deepening and broadening that research and feel that the title limited my studies.  Moving to a more general definition like “nonverbal human hacking” takes away the stigma and connection to NLP that made many view this area as something more mystical and not science-based research.

      The fact of the matter is that social engineering is nothing new.  From some of the oldest stories recorded in mankind’s history until today, social engineering has been used.  Despite the advancement in technology the same principles work when it comes to “hacking the human OS.”

      As an ardent student of the sciences and arts that make up social engineering, I am always trying to learn how to adapt certain studies from other professionals into social engineering as a whole.  As you most likely have heard, we have interviewed radio hosts, psychologist, law enforcement officials, dating experts, scientists and others to try and understand what each of those fields has to offer a social engineer.


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      Awesome indeed, the pictures in this thread are even better than the examples in the book, very nice  ;D

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