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      Don Donzal

      Hello, challenge fans! For this past challenge, Tom Liston’s rhyming scenario has garnered some amazing attention and justified compliments. This one was not only a lot of fun to read, but the some of the participants returned the favor by submitting rhyming answers! So not to be outdone, Tom stepped it up yet another notch by offering his answers in a way that would make the good doctor proud. Tom and myself will autograph and send copies of our book, Counter Hack Reloaded, to each of the winners listed below. Hope you had fun with Netcat in the Hat, and stay tuned for additional Skillz scenarios as we head towards the end of the year, where I will personally offer up a holiday themed challenge. 

      [align=right:1ahj44wk]– Ed Skoudis, Intelguardians[/align:1ahj44wk]

      [align=center:1ahj44wk]… And The Winners Are…[/align:1ahj44wk]

      See answers and winners:
      Netcat in the Hat – The Answers Come Back

      Thanks once again to the efforts of both our writers and participants. I doubt we’ll see another one like that for quite some time. So be sure to let those who missed the contest to visit the Skillz Category of EH-Net. This and all previous challenges will remain for all to admire. Kudos all around.


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      Don Donzal

      This has been submitted to digg. Help us get Tom Liston’s hard work the recognition it deserves.

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