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      Don Donzal

      This time I must thank all of you. With the interest and recommedations made by EH-Netters to eLS, it made it very easy to get these prizes. This truly was a community effort. Let’s keep that spirit going by helping spread the word of EH-Net. I know more members = more competition for these prizes, but we’ve seen what we can do with our strength in numbers. So tweet, blog, vote, participate in our forums, add EH-Net links & logos to your sites… whatever it takes to keep this positive and ‘ethical’ movement growing. You have been and will continue to be rewarded for it.

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      [align=center:7gnbfjpc]3 Free Seats in Pen Testing Pro Online Course!


      There’s been a lot of chatter on EH-Net recently about the new online course by eLearnSecurity (eLS), Penetration Testing Pro (PTP). From the excitement over the EXCLUSIVE 5% Discount and finally with a great review by our newest columnists, Jason Haddix, it just seemed obvious to ask them for a few seats to give away to EH-Net readers. As I often say, “Just ask.” I did and they said yes!! So we have 2 announcements for all of you:

      1. Up for grabs are 3 seats in PTP with a value of €449 / $599 each.

      2. The 5% Discount is back on. This EXCLUSIVE Offer for EH-Netters has been extended indefinitely!! So when you’re ready, SIGN UP HERE.

      To quote eLS’s Armando Romeo, “I love the way you and EH-Net are helping me, and I’m trying to give something back while in the position of a bootstrapped CEO lol.” So if high quality yet inexpensive online training is something that interests you, your employer or your clients, there’s a new kid on the block worthy of your time.

      [align=center:7gnbfjpc]Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

      Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE!

      Good luck everyone,

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      Nice!!!!  From what I have read, this is a fantastic prize.

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      Back from my hibernation! I just want to win this prize so much ;D
      Thanks Don and Armando for giving us this opportunity!

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      really nice prize, especially after I finished jhaddix’s review. Although I still don’t like not being able to download the course content.

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      Wow, this is an excellent giveaway! 

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      Greate prize, good.

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      Wow! (not suprisingly) Another great giveaway!  😀

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      Sweet, thanks Armando and Don. 🙂

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      heheh i want to win too  ??? ;D

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      Wow the great prizes just keep on coming  😮

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      Its like Christmas every month.
      Must try harder.

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      @pizza1337 wrote:

      Its like Christmas every month.
      Must try harder.

      Couldn’t have said it any better for myself 😉 Nice one Don/eLS!

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      Awesome. Keep them coming 🙂

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      Sweet! I am seriously thinking of signing up for this. My IT career needs to move in another direction and a cert like this would do it.

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      I’ll give a plug for this one, also.  I’m currently enrolled in this course (simultaneous with OSCP, so I’m ‘time-challenged’ right now,) and I think it’s full of excellent material.  Armando and his team have put together a lot of great info for the course, such as a really good explanation (for anyone who may not have programming / stack experience) on the stack and buffer overflows.  The web portion is well-done, and they touch on a lot of topics that were sort of ‘glossed over’ by the CEH course / exam.

      It’s well worth it, for any of you who win it, or who pay for it, out of pocket, since it’s far from being the most expensive security course out there!  Jason’s review was pretty spot-on, IMHO.

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      eLearnsecurity has also come up with a subscription plan where you pay some monthly fee ($249+$200+$200) and you’ll get one domain each month.

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