[Article]-Justifying Security Training

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      Don Donzal

      This opinion piece is brought to you by the Founder and President of Mile2. Need a little help in getting through to your boss when asking for training funds? This may give you some additional insight.

      Justifying Security Training

      After reading the article for yourself, please add your comments below,

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      Some good points, but sometimes it can be difficult to get an organization to think about security if they have never had a problem. Its kind of like the situation when a stop light is only installed in an intersection after several car crashes have occured.  I am not big on making more  laws, but I think the Feds need to place stronger requirements on companies that are storing our data. They should require some kind of security audit on a regular basis.  This would help the security industry, customers and venders in the long run.  There are still companies that save all your info in a very insecure manner.  Vulnerable computers with all your info sitting on simple excel spread sheets, etc… 

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      Very true, Kev, everyone is reactive.  It is sad, but is is realty.

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