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      Don Donzal

      It may be a smaller operation, but that doesn’t stop Tom from offering prizes on par with the big boys. Let us know what you think of this month’s prize.

      Remember… 2 winners this month. So get get ’em!!

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      [align=center:2d90gmtl]Win a Year at the Hacking Dojo x2 Worth $2600!!


      Pen testing professional, author and instructor, Thomas Wilhelm, has been with EH-Net for some time now. Last year he generously offered up a full one-year subscription to the Hacking Dojo. This year, he doubles the fun. If you’ve ever done martial arts and experienced learning in a dojo, then you’re familiar with a teaching style that has succeeded for centuries. Thomas Wilhelm continues to bring this method to the security industry:

      “The Hacking Dojo provides students with a long-term training and support system, with readily-available access to instructors. Students attend regularly-scheduled online meetings with their instructor, who teaches hacking concepts relative to students’ skill level. When the students demonstrate proficiency in a set of skills, they are moved onto more difficult challenges and instruction.”

      So this time around, we now have 2 spots to offer to top contributors to EH-Net, with each winner getting a full year of training in the dojo with one of the industry’s most respected names. Also, for the month of July, Mr. Wilhelm is taking $50 off the first month’s subscription (tell him EH-Net sent you). But to win the prize, all you have to do is become an EH-Net member & give back to the community in our discussion forums. Start new discussions, help newbies, report SPAM, tweet our articles… we watch it all. Good luck. 

      [align=center:2d90gmtl]Only members are eligible!Registration Is FREE![/align:2d90gmtl]

      Good luck,

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      I think if you have the time, and the ablity to take the course, it would be well worth it. This is really a great prize.

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      Will the $50 off special be running all month? I’m pretty booked up for July (SANSFire, DefCon, etc), but would love to check out the training offered by the Dojo. I just wouldn’t want to start my timer until after the craziness that is July has passed. 

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      @labrat wrote:

      Will the $50 off special be running all month?

      Yes – the discount will last all through July, and into a few days of August. Also, if someone signs up and is later picked to receive the free year I will refund their enrollment.

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      Nice prize this month!  Thanks Tom!  Good luck everyone!

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      Because of this (or actually the tweet of EH.net) I came accross HackingDojo.com. Looks really interesting! If I don’t win, probably will subscribe anyway to check it out (I hope I didn’t lose my chance to win after saying this  ;D). Anyway great price and a great initiative by Thomas Wilhelm.

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      One thing I’ve noticed here is that the providers always put up very generous prizes.  Thanks to all who give their products and expertise to help the community!

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      Nice, thanks to the sponsor and to the site for this. Good luck to all!

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      Wow! What a great giveaway!  Thanks for this offer!  I just checked out HackingDojo.com and it looks like a great program for all skill sets.  I am excited to learn more about it!  Thanks to the Sponsor! 

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      I’m new here, excited to see such great giveaways in a great forum.

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      I am already enrolled in the Dojo and it’s well worth it. Anyone who loves infosec or pentesting or hacking as a hobby Toms course is the way to go. I’ve been training under Tom and Phillip for almost a year now, and love it probably one of the best choices I made. Plus if your wondering what course to take to get you ready for OSCP training this one did the best for me! Hope to see some new faces there soon! 😉

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      this is a fantastic prize. i’m going to be very very jealous to whomever gets this.

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      EH-Net always seems to have great prices! Good luck all  8)

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      Very Exciting! I’ve been interested in the dojo since I saw Grendel’s talk at DEFCON.

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