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      Don Donzal

      This month is a great example of how you can participate in the community without posting in the forums. angel.wardriver has zero posts yet is constantly helping promote EH-Net through Digg. In fact, it was her efforts that got the EH-Net article, Tutorial: Hacking Linux with Armitage by Raphael Mudge, on Digg’s front page and thus a lot of additional visitors. Many thanks to all 3 winners, as they are all very deserving.

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      [align=center:2m6nn5j2]We Have Winners!


      One of the most commonly asked questions we get on EH-Net is how to get into pen testing as a profession. From those who are just out of school to the many who are looking to redirect their technical careers, the questions are obvious… the answers are not always easy to find. We do our best here at EH-Net to help provide the answers, but there has always been one question without an answer… until now. Is there a class that will teach me the basics of pen testing? Armando Romeo of eLearnSecurity (eLS) has an answer for you, “When you are new to something, you find yourself wasting 50% of your time struggling just to find your path. Don’t give up! Our new offering, Penetration Testing Training Course – Student, will provide you with all the answers and the skills you need to move your first steps towards a career as a penetration tester. Designed and written by Armando Romeo in cooperation with a junior pentration tester, this course answers all the fears, doubts and hunger for knowledge of anyone at day 0 of their penetration testing career.” So we have 2 announcements for all of you:

      1. The 3 winning EH-Net Members are angel.wardriver, data_raid & timmedin.

      2. The 5% Discount Continues! This EXCLUSIVE Offer for EH-Netters has been extended indefinitely!! So when you’re ready, SIGN UP HERE.

      Armando also wanted to personally “thank all EH-Netters for the great success the Professional Course has had, and we’ve just released the 1.1 version of Penetration Testing Pro (PTP) with more content yet the same price.” With the continued interest on EH-Net in PTP, we have created a Forum Board specifically for eCPPT, the cert for the PTP course.

      There’s no better time like the new year to focus your attention on what you really want out of life. Is it pen testing? Find out if this career path is really for you with more info after the break and at the link above. And at this price, it’s worth it! Congrats to the winners.

      [align=center:2m6nn5j2]Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

      Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE!


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      Congrats guys. Be sure to have a blast in the course and come back eCPPT certified! 😀

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      Congratulations to the winners!  🙂 Awesome work  😉

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      Nice job guys, and thanks for your participation!

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      Grats to all the winners!  😀

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      First of all: Thank you Don and EH.NET! This is an awesome giveway and I’m really grateful!

      Congratulations to my fellow winners angel.wardriver and timmedin!

      And thanks to everyone else for the comments!

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      Congrats guys.

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      Congrats guys!

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      Congrats. Hope you will benefit from it. 😉

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      Congrats guys, please give us some feedback on the course.

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      Congrats guys!

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      Don Donzal

      Congrats Armando.


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