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      Don Donzal

      The New Year always starts with resolutions and intentions of new career paths. We’re here to make sure that at least 3 of you have what it takes to do just that.

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      [align=center:2bqjliy6]3 Free Seats in eLearnSecurity Online Course!


      One of the most commonly asked questions we get on EH-Net is how to get into pen testing as a profession. From those who are just out of school to the many who are looking to redirect their technical careers, the questions are obvious… the answers are not always easy to find. We do our best here at EH-Net to help provide the answers, but there has always been one question without an answer… until now. Is there a class that will teach me the basics of pen testing? Armando Romeo of eLearnSecurity (eLS) has an answer for you, “When you are new to something, you find yourself wasting 50% of your time struggling just to find your path. Don’t give up! Our new offering, Penetration Testing Training Course – Student, will provide you with all the answers and the skills you need to move your first steps towards a career as a penetration tester. Designed and written by Armando Romeo in cooperation with a junior pentration tester, this course answers all the fears, doubts and hunger for knowledge of anyone at day 0 of their penetration testing career.” So we have 2 announcements for all of you:

      1. Up for grabs in this month’s Free Giveaway are 3 seats in PTP – Student (If this is too basic, then we’ll make sure to get the winner in the Pro course).

      2. The 5% Discount Continues! This EXCLUSIVE Offer for EH-Netters has been extended indefinitely!! So when you’re ready, SIGN UP HERE.

      Armando also wanted to personally “thank all EH-Netters for the great success the Professional Course has had, and we’ve just released the 1.1 version of Penetration Testing Pro (PTP) with more content yet the same price.” With the continued interest on EH-Net in PTP, we have created a Forum Board specifically for eCPPT, the cert for the PTP course.

      There’s no better time like the new year to focus your attention on what you really want out of life. Is it pen testing? Find out if this career path is really for you with more info after the break and at the link above. And at this price, it’s worth it! So hit the forums at a furious pace, and this month’s prize can be yours.

      [align=center:2bqjliy6]Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

      Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE!

      Good luck,

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      Awesome giveaway as usual. Any recommendations on courses on the Incident Response side for the same kind of classes?

      I mean besides the awesome SANS Classes

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      Very nice giveaway!

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      I think Hero Member is an appropriate title for Don.

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      Great as usual, Don. 😉

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      Clay Briggs


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      Sweet. How do I win?  ;D ;D

      Seriously though, How much does the student version cost?

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      This is a great prize up for grabs.  I know I for one would love a chance at something like this.  I have a very extensive background in security and computers, but the problem is that right now it is not my career.  I am actually in the aviation sector looking to make a complete career change over the course of probably the next year.  Looking at the site one of the great things they actually do offer is a chance to split up the payments in order to help you out.  That is someone that is actually in touch with their audience and looking to help someone out!

      Great prize once again for the site, thanks for the hard work.

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      Awesome prizes, good luck to the winners in the end of this month  ;D

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      Good luck everyone! i am stunned how Don keeps coming up with this…every giveaway is even better then the last one! how does he do it???

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      Participate by posting in this thread?

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      @warlock07 wrote:

      Participate by posting in this thread?

      By posting in the forums in general. Providing useful and helpful information to others. Creating a new topic that sparks a lot of activity. And being a good EH-Net member in general 🙂

      Welcome to the site.


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      I could not find any information about the student course on the official website. What exactly are the subjects discusses.

      All I found there was information about the pro course. That lead me to an other question. Amongst the “course at a glance” I found ‘Qualifies you for 40 CPE credits ‘. What are CPE credits?

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      I wonder who won this…..

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      Student course will launch probably by the end of this month or early March. The information will be updated after the launch.

      CPE credits are continuing professional education credits. Some certs like CISSP etc. require the cert holder to earn a minimum number of CPE points in a given time period in order to maintain their cert. If the cert holder can’t earn the required CPE credits his cert will expire and he’ll have to re-take the exam to renew the cert.

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      I would had loved to sign up for this contest but then off course try to get the pro version out of it. To bad I joined the forum to late for that…  :-[

      Hope I will win something just as great in the future. Anyway like asked. Who won this great offer and what will be the next contest (will it be just as good?)? It’s already the 16th. and I could not find any information about the winners and/or the new contest.

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      I don’t think a winner has been announced yet. The December winner was announced on January 31st.

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      Don Donzal

      The 3 winners have been chosen and notified. I’m awaiting their response.

      Hang in there for Feb’s giveaway. Sponsor is working as fast as they can, and it should be announced very soon.

      Thanks for being patient,

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