[Article]-Jan 2010 Free Giveaway Winner – Black Hat DC

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      Don Donzal

      Congrats and have fun!!

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      [align=center:1z38v35j]We Have a Winner!!


      EH-Net member, oneeyedcarmen, will attend Black Hat DC on us. The Washington, DC version of the world’s premier technical event for security experts is being held January 31 – February 3, 2010. One Passport Admission Ticket worth $1995 allows our winner entry into the 2-Day Briefings portion of the event. The event is described as, “Understanding the increasingly complex threats posed to an enterprise can be a daunting task for today’s security professional. Knowing how to secure an enterprise against those threats can be overwhelming. Black Hat is the premier information security event for senior-level professionals to learn the latest insights from security researchers on defending an enterprise against tomorrow’s challenges. Black Hat events are comprised of multi-day training sessions provided by some of the most respected security experts in the world; as well as of a number of short, topical briefings presentations which highlight the latest research in security.” Congrats!!

      [align=center:1z38v35j]Participation is the ONLY way to win. Start a thread that sparks lots of interest; share thoughts and experiences; help a newbie… quality is more important than quantity.

      Only members are eligible!
      Registration Is FREE!

      Feb Free Monthly Giveaway is for Free Books from Syngress Publishing!!


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      Nice!  Congrats and enjoy!

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      Congrats, and let us know of any new and exciting info you get out there!

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      Nice, congratulations.

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      Thanks, Don, for the opportunity to attend my first Black Hat event. I gotta say, it was a little different. Playing “Spot the Fed,” is a lot less fun when it’s so blatantly obvious  😉

      There were some great speakers, some great information, and every once in a while you got both of those things in the same talk! One of the more interesting talks I attended was “Physical Security in a Networked World: Video Analytics, Video Surveillance, and You,” presented amazingly by Josh Marpet. Very cool stuff reminding us that the physical security side of things is just a BIT behind the times, and that phys & info sec really need to come together.

      I know that vijay2 was also in attendance, but my cell reception was so bad that whenever I tried to call him to meet up…no dice. I did get to run into Chris Gates (aka carnal0wnage) and Rob Fuller (aka mubix. They’re both great guys who are all about teaching others…and calling bull$hit when they see fit.

      As I’ve found with most conferences, you tend to get the most benefit from the “Hallway Talks.” I got to spend the better part of two hours hanging out with HD Moore, Egypt, Rob and Chris just soaking in some fu. Good times indeed.

      Those Metasploit guys are scary, and it sounds like they’ve got some pretty cool stuff coming down the line.

      Again, thank you, Don!

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      Don Donzal

      You earned it, so thank you.


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