[Article]-Jabber Takes a Swing at RichM

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      Don Donzal

      Last month I explained that I wanted to reduce my organization’s dependence on AIM due to its lack of security and the fact that we cannot control what takes places on their servers.  I also mentioned that I was fairly new to jabber, and, due to lack of experience, I was hoping for a hand or two to help sort out the install/config process.  While I did receive many alternative recommendations, sadly I didn’t get a single volunteer willing to help shoulder the responsibility of bringing any easy to follow tutorial (aimed at the uninitiated) to the EH masses.  Determined to make it happen, I soldiered on. Sadly I have fallen short, I am approximately 70% done but have hit some fun snags which are listed below. Hopefully I can enlist the help of the EH-Net faithful for a little help.

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      [Article]-Jabber Takes a Swing at RichM

      Enjoy this month’s column, and let’s see if we can knockout RichM’s secure IM woes.

      As always, offer your feedback,

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      Don Donzal
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      Hey Rich.  I’ve been out for a while, and I might be too late, but I’ve done a small to mid jabber roll out before.  What problem have you run into and which jabber server are you rolling?

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