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      Don Donzal

      This was worth the wait. And the time and energy Ed put into this explanation is impressive and shows a lot about the man. Hats off, sir.

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      At long last, we’ve completed final judging on the It Happened One Friday challenge.  I apologize for the delay, but things have been very hectic here.  We received a huge number of really top-notch entries in this challenge, and reading through every one of them and whittling them down to our final winners was fun but incredibly time-consuming.  However, I’m really happy with the final results – the technical and creative winners did some awesome work, as did many others worthy of an honorable mention.

      Given the unusual nature of this challenge, before I announce the winners, I’d like to provide a little context to describe why Matt Carpenter and I wrote it the way we did.  If you will kindly indulge my explanation for just a bit, I’ll describe for you a little bit about the process of writing these challenges, and how this one in particular came to be.  Alternatively, if you are impatient, you can skip these author’s notes and jump to the announcement of the winners by clicking here.

      [align=right:2leent9u]–Ed Skoudis, InGuardians
      Author, Counter Hack Reloaded[/align:2leent9u]

      Here is your place to comment on the challenge, answers, Ed himself…

      Let the conversation begin,

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      Don Donzal
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