[Article]-Interview: Sumit "Sid" Siddharth of NotSoSecure

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      Don Donzal

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      Technology permeates society. This is true not just in the United States but also across the globe. With it comes the opportunity to level the playing field amongst vastly different cultures around the world. But the one thing that remains is the constantly evolving virtual battlefield and its effects on the real world. And if one shows an uncanny ability to navigate this arena, it matters not from where they came. One such individual is Sid Siddharth of NotSoSecure.

      Sid’s story is one of success. But it’s not from luck or privilege. Sid’s success comes from the simple concept of hard work. Each step along the way, Sid gave it his all and it was noticed. Even when there was no such thing as a professional ‘ethical’ hacker, Sid continued with his passion and that simple tool in hand… hard work. Because of that, doors opened for him in India, the UK, the US and beyond. Now he has his own company and travels the world as a speaker, instructor and penetration tester. In this interview, Sid shares his thoughts with the EH-Netters around the world looking to follow in his footsteps.

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