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      Don Donzal

      Jason Haddix is at it again. Keep this up and we’re looking at a new columnist!!

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      Review by Jason Haddix

      Have you ever seen Man on Fire? If you haven’t and you like watching kick-ass, kick-you-in-the-teeth, relentless, Denzel-Washington-type of-action-flicks… you might want to Netflix that one. Our interview this week is kind of like Denzel in Man on Fire but with less guns and more SQLi strings meticulously crafted to pwn your databases.

      Enter Joe (j0e) McCray of LearnSecurityOnline… Joe is a long standing friend of both Security Aegis and The Ethical Hacker Network, and, after wanting to keep the limelight off of himself and his teaching projects, we have finally pestered him enough to agree to sit back and answer a few of our questions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of root.

      The great thing about Joe is that he will never make you feel like an idiot, even while he’s managing to teach you cutting-edge stuff. He keeps you engaged in a half comedy, half lecture style teaching format.  I have no reason to think that his energy and effectiveness won’t continue to shine through in his upcoming new advanced course, Pentesting High Security Environments. Make sure to check out his video at the end of the interview.

      Thanks to you both,

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      Nice interview Jason.  Great content and great subject. 

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      I agree with apollo, nice interview Jason.

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