[Article]-Interview: Jayson E. Street of Stratagem 1, Dissecting the Hack

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      Don Donzal

      You asked for more interviews, and we’re happy to deliver. This is a great one not just on security but also life. Hope you agree. Thanks to both Jayson and Rich.

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      To say that Jayson E. Street has done a lot in his lifetime is an understatement to say the least. Jayson has overcome more in his short life than most people could even fathom. Jayson manages to cope with all of these lowlights including homelessness and cancer with a dark and genuinely funny sense of humor. He doesn’t come off as someone with such a hard life, and, unless you specifically ask, you would have no idea how far he has come. Join me as I take you on a journey through an eye opening interview with one of the up and coming voices of the information security community. Before we get started, here’s Jayson’s official bio:

      Jayson is an author of the book “Dissecting the Hack: The F0rb1dd3n Network” from Syngress Publishing (Read Rich’s Book Review). His consultation with the FBI and Secret Service on attempted network breaches resulted in the capture and successful prosecution of the criminals involved. In 2007 he consulted with the Secret Service on the Wi-Fi security posture at the White House. He has also spoken at DEFCON, BRUCON, UCON and at several other ‘CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security subjects. He also was the co-founder of and a speaker at ExcaliburCon held in Wuxi China. He was an expert witness in two cases against the RIAA. He is a lead trainer for the Incident Handler Certification for the EC Council. He is also a current member on the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma InfraGard Chapter and Vice President for ISSA OKC. Jayson is also a longtime member of the Netragard “SNOsoft” research team. He is a highly carbonated speaker who has partaken of pizza from Beijing to Brazil. He does not expect anybody to still be reading this far, but, if they are, please note that he was chosen as one of Time’s Persons of the Year for 2006. 😉 (If you want to know more, just use the Googles).

      But it is what’s not in his bio that interested me the most. I’m sure you will agree and be inspired.

      Please leave your feedback,

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      Good interview, I liked how it went into his background and story.  I tend to enjoy hearing about peoples backgrounds and such and how they got started alot like where on the Pauldotcom podcasts his guests talk about how they got their start in Information Security and where they are now.

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      I should find the next location where Jayson’s gonna be so I could trade some serious war stories with him. Seems like we have so much in common. I genuinely understand the dilemmas, trials and downsides of life. Its always good to see someone overcome these issues and progress. Kudos to Jayson for being inspirational and knowing how to keep a focus on life. Nothing is permanent, we all have to learn how to live and be happy no matter what curves are thrown at us. Some more than others.

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