[Article]-Interview: Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge

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      Don Donzal

      In continuing our effort to share stories of real people doing real work in the ethical hacking industry, here’s an interview that not only sheds light on a career success story but also adds a spotlight on our friends overseas.

      Hope you enjoy, and as always give us your feedback, ask questions of Ilia directly, or add your own thoughts on growing up in tech, being in the military, starting a business, launching a new webapp tool… whatever strikes you. These are meant to start conversations.

      [Article]-Interview: Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge


      The Ethical Hacker Network is an online magazine with a focus on those in the profession. It’s wonderful to have technical content, videos, book reviews and an active discussion forum, but what good does it do if we can’t help our readers achieve their career goals? Being an “online” magazine also means that we have a wide audience not confined within the borders of the United States. How can we also help our international audience? One way to answer both questions is to continue our ongoing series of interviews with ethical hacking movers and shakers. So here is another conversation with someone who can provide some quality insight to the questions posed above, because he did it. He became a professional ethical hacker in Europe.

      Ilia Kolochenko is the CEO of High-Tech Bridge, a security services and research outfit in Geneva, Switzerland. But clearly he wasn’t born a chief executive. Just like most of us, he grew up dreaming of being a hacker, even if he had no idea it was an actual profession. This is his story, and it was quite surprising to see just how similar it sounds. But that’s not a bad thing. He took his passions, combined them with his military skills, added in a little workplace frustration, and… Well you’ll just have to find out for yourself.


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      Good stuff!  It’s always interesting to see where stuff you’ve known about crosses roads with things you didn’t (OSF/Jericho and High-Tech Bridge).  I appreciate the links in the interview as well.  Going to check out that whitepaper when I get some time.

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