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      Don Donzal

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      Have you ever seen a speaker at a security conference, an expert being interviewed on television about the latest cyber attack or an instructor at a whiteboard with the breadth of knowledge one should have when putting your career in their hands? Have you ever wondered what it took for those people to get where they are? Now just imagine all of those people wrapped up into a single individual, add into the mix the extra duties of business owner and husband, and you start to get a picture of Dave Chronister of Parameter Security, HackerU and ShowMeCon.

      Covering everything from his first programming project as a child and his BBS days through his first ‘real’ IT job and into how he became who he is today, read on for a fascinating interview. Dave also shares his thoughts on helping you get that job in InfoSec, hiring someone for your next security project and some great general advice. In anticipation of ShowMeCon 2015 June 8 – 9, get to know a little more about the man (and woman) behind St. Louis’ ONLY Premier Hacking & Offensive Cyber Security Conference.

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      Interesting read, thank you. I like how he pointed out

      “InfoSec is not an entry level IT job. To be successful you need to not only know the security issues, you need to understand the technology itself. Get experience as an Admin or developer, learn the technology then the security implications.”

      It’s almost daily I see on forums where people want to get into security because it sounds cool, or good money, or high demand… but they don’t have any experience in general IT at all. Being able to look at problems where you have a background in servers, networking, etc, is very helpful.

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