[Article]-How Cable Modems Work

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      Don Donzal

      As we move more of Brian Wilson’s articles over to EH-Net, you’ll find little gems like this one. Not really a hacking article, but any information he can offer to help protect you or be aware of possible issues, we welcome it gladly.

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      By Brian Wilson, CCNA, CCSE, CCAI, MCP, Network+, Security+, JNCIA

      So you have a broadband connection at home or work and are wondering how it all works. Well I hope to offer a low-tech level explanation, so you will have a better understanding of how your connection works. Broadband services from cable companies or Multiple Service Operators (MSOs) are normally provided via cable modems and 90% of the cable modems are using DOCSIS (Data over Cable Service Interface Specification).

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      Nice article, good introduction. Thanks 🙂

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      Don Donzal
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