[Article]-Doxing and Anti-Doxing – Part I

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      Don Donzal

      Jason is about to be on a roll. In addition to this article and then Part II in the works, he’s also slated to do some course reviews, a new contest as well as some other ideas for his column. I think I have him jammed for at least the next year. Should be fun.

      Speaking of fun, if you can, catch Jason at DerbyCon speaking on this very topic of doxing.

      Permanenet link: [Article]-Doxing and Anti-Doxing – Part I


      By Jason Andress

      For those of us following or taking part in the various hacktivist activities happening around the globe on a regular basis, doxing is a regular feature. We wake up in the morning to find the personal lives of businessmen, hackers who have made target of themselves for one reason or another, government employees, and a host of others spilled out onto the Internet for the entire world to see. Doxing can be a tool for use in security testing, investigation, or research on the positive side. But it can also be a tool for humiliation, harassment, and worse on the negative side.

      In the Part I of this article, we will discuss what exactly doxing is and the tools and techniques we might use to carry out such an attack. In the Part II of this article we will talk about the steps we can take to at least lessen its impact, should we find ourselves on the receiving end of such efforts.


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      A good read. Looking forward to part 2.

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      good article im waiting for part two too!

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      Great refresher, but when I clicked the link for the Google advanced operators, I got a 404 error.

      Looking forward to part 2.

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      Looks like they’ve moved things on me. The updated link is:


      Thanks for the heads-up, I’ll get Don to tweak the article.

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      Well written article, a good overview for those unfamiliar with the concepts.

      I followed some of the well publicised doxes earlier in the year e.g. Lulzsec and UGNazi, and found them to be very useful examples of the techniques involved and how the information gathered can be expanded upon.

      Also, as you mention in your article some of these inferences are entirely wrong, which has led to the wrong person getting doxed by mistake.

      I don’t know what you’ve got planned for your next contest but requiring a bit of OSINT/information reconnaissance before actually getting to the challenge or being the challenge itself could prove interesting.

      Looking forward to part two!

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      Don Donzal

      Article has been tweaked!

      Glad everyone is enjoying it.


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      Just ran across this today:


      This is a short video course from Google on power searching. Happy doxing  ;D

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      Don Donzal


      Jason’s editorial schedule for his column is as follows:

      Sept = Spooky Warfare Hacking Contest
      Oct = Course Review: SANS vLive FOR408
      Nov = Spooky Warfare Results
      Dec = Doxing Part II
      Jan or Feb = Course Review: SANS vLive FOR508


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      Yup, I took that course this summer. I learned some cool tricks. Earned a cert for passing the course. Very easy.

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      Google continues to amaze me (even though they’re evil) with the handy things that you can get to with their engine. I just figured out a while back that wikipedia will get you right to the link for whatever you’re searching on. Its a heck of alot faster than going through the whole route. I’ve found a few other things that work similarly and are a huge timesaver.

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