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      Don Donzal

      Sorry this took a while, but I like to make sure that the winning member can take advantage of the prize before rewarding it. Got confirmation tonight.

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      [align=center:28kh8iv2]We Have a Winner!!


      What a better way for EH-Net member yatz to have spent the holidays than contributing to EH-Net… right? Well it may not have been the best way, but he did win a CEH boot camp. And not just any CEH course, but one provided by Global Knowledge. If you’re not in the know: 

      “Global Knowledge is the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training. Leverage our security curriculum that includes the latest in vendor-specific training from Cisco, Microsoft, Foundstone, SonicWALL, Check Point and EC-Council, as well as certification prep courses for the CISSP, CompTIA Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker exams. We deliver our courses via training centers, private facilities, and the Internet, enabling our customers to choose when, where, and how they want to receive training. Visit http://www.globalknowledge.com/security to learn more.”

      To make it even better, Global Knowledge’s exclusive ethical hacker course is presented with content developed by CEH expert Michael Gregg (literally wrote the book). Read The Technical Foundations of Hacking from Michael Gregg’s book, CEH: Exam Prep 2 right here on EH-Net. Students will be immersed in an interactive environment, where he’ll learn to footprint organizations, perform port scanning, and exploit a variety of systems and architectures. He’ll get in-depth knowledge with follow-along demos and hands-on labs. While many CEH courses focus on an end-of-week exam, this ethical hacking course focuses on teaching hands-on skills yatz can use. Congrats!


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      Congrats, yatz. 😉

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      Lucky you!

      Tell us about the course!

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      Congrats and good luck with the class!

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      Congrats, yatz!  (Rhymes, too  :P)

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      Thanks everyone for your support!  Though I feel undeserving, I will make sure this class goes to good use. 

      Actually I got the v6 books a while back for self study, but I haven’t had much of a chance to delve into them more than maybe the first book.  In-class training is much better for focus, which is needed when a family is involved.  🙂

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      Congrats yatz!  🙂 I’m glad you won  ;D

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      Clay Briggs

      Nice man!  Enjoy the course, and as others have said, please clue us in as to your thoughts on it.

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