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     Don Donzal 

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    Recently, I took the Dark Side Ops: Custom Penetration Testing course taught by Brady Bloxham and Bryce Kunz of Silent Break Security at Black Hat Trainings. In their words:

    Dark Side Ops: Custom Penetration Testing enables participants to “break through” to the next level by removing their dependence on 3rd-party penetration testing tools, allowing for outside-the-box thinking and custom tool development designed specifically for the target environment.

    Dark Side Ops (DSO) is a course on targeted attacks, evasion, and advanced post exploitation… with a twist. The thesis of DSO is this: if you want to credibly simulate a real world attacker, you need advanced capability. You can’t do this with unmodified open source tools. This course teaches students how to build and modify advanced capabilities. Let’s take a closer look.

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    Thanks for the review.

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    Looks really interesting. Might have to check this one out, if time / opportunity permit. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the review. I wasn’t familiar with this one but it sounds darn cool.

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    Nice review of the course. It’s well summarized and sounds like a pretty sweet class to take. I haven’t heard of the organization before either so definitely going to take a closer look. Thanks.

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