[Article]-Bringing the Unsexy Back: The Process of Selling SE Penetration Tests

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      Don Donzal

      Sorry about the Bill Gates pic. It made me laugh hysterically when in context with our title, so I had to do it. Either way, enjoy this article, as I truly think it has content rarely discussed in the world of professional hacking.

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      By Chris Hadnagy

      For the past few months, I’ve brought you articles on launching your career as a social engineer, the psychology and history behind hacking humans and even some scams you can pull on your clients for their own good.  As wonderful as it is to talk about the methods, the tricks and the sexy stories of social engineering pwnage, we need to take a step back and discuss the business end of this spectrum.

      Yes, I said it… business side.  After all, most of us reading this article either are in IT/Security or want to be.  So how can one sell SE penetration tests?  How can you scope it?  Price it? And what do you give the client at the end of the engagement? All of these are good questions for budding professional social engineers, and thus the topic of this month’s column, the process of selling and delivering a social engineering penetration test.

      Share your thoughts and experiences with other EH-Netters,

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      Hahahahaha!!!!  😀

      Will read the article, shortly, but that pic just made my day!  (Thanks don)

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