[Article]-Brady Bunch Boondoggle Redux – Answers and Winners

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      Don Donzal

      We all know this is way overdue, so let’s just overlook that and wallow in the greatness that Josh has just put forth in this most detailed answer. Well worth the wait.

      Thanks to all who participated and an extra thanks for being patient.  8)

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      All of the answers from Brady Bunch Boondoggle, the Skillz H@ck1ng Challenge from February 2009, are revealed as we continue our story with Oliver and Mr. Brady discussing the packet capture of the kids’ hacking activity.  While pondering who could help them with the analysis of the data, a bright light flashes with a rumble that shakes the house.

      Oliver asks “What happened Mr. Brady?”

      “I moved the island Oliver.  We’re 3 months in the future now.”

      “Oh … OK.  Who can we get to help us analyze this wireless packet capture?”

      At the backdoor, a voice calls “Did someone say wireless packet capture?”


      The Technical Winner, Creative Winner and the Random Winner are all listed at the end of the article.

      Congrats to all, big thanks to Josh, and now onto our next challenge. Stay tuned as it should be coming in the next few weeks, and it features a past winner.


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      Congratulations to the winners! 

      Thank you Josh and Don for this challenge.  I had an immense amount of fun going through the capture file on this one and I learned quite a bit about wireshark and the debian ssh vuln.  I was pretty spot on for the 1st, 3rd, and the bonus questions.  However, I completely screwed up number 2  ;D.  Thank you for posting the detailed explanation for each question.  I’ve learned quite a bit as well as from my mistakes.  Thank you again guys!  Please keep these challenges coming.

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      I’m with Ketchup.  I learned quite a bit doing this one as I haven’t had much exposure to the wireless side of things.

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      Great contest! Thank you. One small and insignificant error in the answer.

      “We can use this value to determine how long the AP has been online by converting it to decimal and dividing it by one million, the number of microseconds in a second.  The value 0x19185 in decimal is 102709, divided by one million … this AP has been online for one tenth of a second.””

      0x19185 is decimal 102789 not 102709. 

      Just pointing it out. But again, I love these contests and thank you for doing them.

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